iMSB BT Smart for M-Link


Bluetooth Smart data module for Multiplex M-Link

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HFM3, HFM4, HFMx V2 version

 € 65.00 (+ shipping)

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Profi TX / Cockpit SX version

 € 68.00 (+ shipping)


These iMSB Bluetooth Smart data transmission modules are compatible with Multiplex® M-Link 2.4 GHz transmitter systems or any other RC-system equipped with an M-Link 2.4 GHz HF-module. Depending on your transmitter and setup you may choose between the COM port or Profi TX/Cockpit SX version.

Transmitter equipped with an HFM module

The COM port version is targeted to transmitters equipped with an HFM type HF-module. These modules are equipped with a data port that is generally used for the external telemetry display. The Bluetooth Smart device can be directly plugged into the COM port and can be used right away.

If you have a transmitter with one of the following HF-Modules, then this version is the correct one for you:

  • HFM3              (mc4000, mc3030)
  • HFM4              ( Royal Pro, Royal SX)
  • HFMG2, HFMG3
  • HFMx V2
  • Cockpit SX     (older transmitter with COM port)
BLE hfm modules i

Note however that first generation HFM3 and HFM4 modules were not telemetry enabled. Depending on your configuration either a hardware and/or firmware upgrade must be performed to make them ready for telemetry data. Furthermore the HF firmware version must be the latest 0.44. Further information can be found directly on the Multiplex Web Site.

Profi TX and new Cockpit SX

The newer Cockpit SX and the Profi TX expose two or four expansion board sockets that are located in the inside of you transmitter. The iMSB BT Smart Profi TX / Cockpit SX module should be used for these devices.

bt-smart-profitx medi
BT Smart Cockpit SXI

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