iMSB Release 3.8

Release 3.8 introduces dark mode for all iOS 13 devices. 

We took this opportunity as well to streamline the overall user interface in order to make it more consistent to the user.

We also upgraded the flight statistics value plotting framework. This new framework enhances overall performance and provides some additional features, such as pinch zooming on both x and y axes and allows saving the display as an image to the camera roll.

iMSB Release 3.7

With iMSB release 3.7 we are glad to introduce support for GPS triangle racing. A GPS triangle is setup as a global map overlay that can then be reused in each of your models. The standard classes such as scale/SLS and Sport class are supported. In addition a free class is available that allows to fully customize triangle size and parameters. …

iMSB Release 3.6

iMSB release 3.6 introduces some nice features for experts who need to handle specific sensor and value processing. First, the generic sensor was extended with a custom value allowing to define specific units of your choice and number formatting. Decoding the raw telemetry data stream can be controlled by specifying a scale factor, pre and post offset. …

iMSB Release 3.5

Release 3.5 brings essentially some improvements to the user interface. In particular, we added a couple of new analog meter displays, as well as new sensor values.

Additionally the application has been updated for iOS 11 and the new iPhone X.


  • Added a new date and absolute time sensor value to the receiver sensor

Working with iMSB Map Overlays

Overlay types

A map overlay is a polyline, polygon or ellipse shape that can be associated to your map. Depending on the kind of overlay, different functionality are provided by the app. 

iMSB supports three kind of map overlays:

  • Simple map shapes: are simple overlays that you may add to your map in order to identify various zones. …

iMSB Release 3.4


The supported sensor base just got bigger in the current iMSB release. We are glad to announce that we introduced the Vspeak vario to the list of available sensors. In addition to the height measurement, the vario also has a 3-axis accelerometer and a single cell monitoring. All Vspeak vario values from the sensor are available for logging, along some additional calculated values.

iMSB BT Smart for Multiplex Profi TX and Cockpit SX

BT Smart Cockpit SXII

Until now owners of the Profi TX or newer Cockpit SX transmitters could not use the iMSB BT Smart module without going through the Multiplex Souffleur. We are glad to announce that we have built an iMSB BT Smart module version that can be plugged directly in the internal transmitter module expansion slots of these transmitters. …

iMSB Release 3.3


A really user friendly model finder that allows to easily find lost models is one feature iMSB was desperately missing until now. The last model location, once a logging session is ended, can now be retrieved and displayed along your current position on a map. It also gives you directions to follow to get to your model. …

iMSB Release 3.2

It happens often that we don’t remember which sensors were installed in a model and which basic configuration they actually have. In such cases configuring a model in iMSB can be a tedious and frustrating task. In order to help you troubleshoot your setup we added a sensor value scanner feature. The sensor value scanner scans all your sensors and values and lists them for you. …

Released iMSB FrSky, iMSB HoTT

iMSB goes FrSky and Graupner HoTT. We are glad to announce that we released today 2 additional flavors of the iMSB iPhone and iPad application. 

iMSB FrSky operates with FrSky OpenTX enabled 2.4 GHz transmitter systems, such as the Taranis X9D and X9E.  It is compatible with FrSky S.Port enabled receivers (X-Series) and S.Port telemetry sensors from various vendors.

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