iMSB Release 3.5

Release 3.5 brings essentially some improvements to the user interface. In particular, we added a couple of new analog meter displays, as well as new sensor values.

Additionally the application has been updated for iOS 11 and the new iPhone X.


  • Added a new date and absolute time sensor value to the receiver sensor
  • Added a new analog time meter, that allows to show existing flight time and engine time values, as well as the absolute time
  • Added a date display field
  • Added an acceleration analog meter for displaying acceleration values
  • Maximum and minimum statistics markers are now visible on most of the analog meter displays


  • When the application quits while a flight recording is still being performed the log file is now properly saved before the app is shut down in order to prevent data loss
  • Added the possibility to store each flight session under a different default name, such as the previous recording does not get overwritten. Note that this feature has to be enabled in the data logging section of the application settings.
  • iMSB for M-Link:
    • Added True Air Speed sensor to the available sensor list
    • Added Lipo Saver sensor
    • Added G-Rate sensor
    • Replaced the MultiCont Expert sensor with Roxxy Smart Control
    • In the SM Modellbau GPS Logger it is now possible to specify if 2D or 3D distance is aquired
  • iMSB for FrSky:
    • Upgraded SM-Modellbau's GPS-Logger with the new sensor values available with firmware version 1.18
    • Added the OLC sensor to the FrSky GPS sensor
    • The sensor value scanner shows now the GPS value, which was missing before
    • It is now possible to configure several sensors with the same address, provided that each value have a distinct address
    • Added GPS value to generic sensor

Bug fixes:

  • Announcements on level notifications where not working correctly
  • Storing model and log file documents was broken since iOS 11. This is now working correctly again
  • The map display view was not showing the pilots location in some circumstances
  • iMSB for M-Link:
    • Fixed a bug with the VSpeak vario where the absolute altitude was not correctly calculated
    • Fixed a bug in the SM Modellbau GPS Logger where coordinates were not calculated when 2D distance was selected

 Thomas Styger, iMSB   © 2012